Help naming a small business
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Can anyone suggest a website that can help me come up with a name for a small business that I'm starting?

I have a full-time job in the insurance industry and am pretty skilled with MS Excel/Access as well as VBA & SQL. I'm looking into pursuing some kind of work on the side where I could make use of these skills. Where I work, my VBA skills far outpace my co-workers. I've helped build tools for my co-workers that have streamlined their work and saved significant time. I suspect there are other small businesses that would benefit similarly from some vba coding. Or, there might be some kind of spreadsheet they need tweaked, but don't have the time or expertise to do it themselves. I've been trying to come up with a clever name for the business, but coming up empty-handed.

I recall many years ago I saw a website where you would pay some flat fee and users would suggest names and the winning suggestion would pocket the fee. I don't remember the site and I don't know if anything like that exists anymore. Hoping someone here can help point me in the right direction? (Alternatively, if anyone here has some suggestions, that would be really appreciated too!)
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You can hand out cards that list your title as "Excelarator".

I don't know the website. I used to work for naming company back in the day. A lot of time was spent with a thesarus.

I love the business idea. Good luck to you.

Automatic For the People
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Random Startup Website Generator
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You were probably looking at Crowd Spring or 99designs. I know Crowd Spring definitely has a category for this, but you should consider if you want to support spec work.
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Alternate suggestion... the folks here at Ask MeFi have lots of name-suggestion experience.

I did a site search for "name my" and found an extensive name-suggestion history. As expected, we've suggested names for cats and babies. But I also found a newsletter, a van, bunnies, blogs, a supper club, a fashion label, a law podcast, baby rats, an MMPORG guild, an eel, and an accordion. And that was just the first couple pages of Google results.

Be warned, though: if you give us any room for puns we will take it far beyond your expectations. Actually, people will try that even if you don't explicitly give them the leeway for it.
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scarnato - I may have just done a poor job of articulating it in my original post, but I am completely open to people here suggesting names. I've seen some of those threads you linked to, and there's a lot of creativity there. I'd definitely welcome any suggestions people may have.
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