Looking for a specific type of table-top bookshelf
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Growing up I had this table-top, sideways L shaped bookshelf. It's easily reproduced with 3 small pieces of wood, but let's be honest, I'd rather have one delivered to my door. Description and not-too-scale drawing inside.


The shelf is made out of 3 piece of wood:
  • a main board about 16 inches long
  • A side "bookend" about 5 inches tall
  • A small piece towards the other end of the main board to provide slope
It's very possible a friend or relative made this, but it seems simple enough that I'm hoping to find something similar for sale.
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google/amazon search term:
"lazy bookshelf"
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I noticed these on the desk of RBG in the recent documentary. Very cool. Searching for tabletop bookshelf resulted in a few under $100. Careful to see that they are tilted!
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Finding some with using "slanted" as a descriptor: here and here.
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And here's the style I was thinking of and, just to indulge myself, an image of Ruth Bader Ginsburg at her desk. The tilted bookshelf on her desk as well as the one off to the side that looks like part of a cart were something I took note of while watching the movie. If this is the kind of thing you're looking for, there's a "book browser" offered by Kohl's of all places which looks to have an adjustable bookend.
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I've got some off of amazon. I've seen this but not bougt it ... This one is freestanding, and mine is a desk top version, though not as big as hers.
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Awesome to see this actually exists (thanks!), though it's interesting that the plain type doesn't seem to be immediately available for sale.

To clarify, I'm specifically looking for the type 10ch linked to (this one especially). The RBG version might do the trick if I can't source the one I want but isn't what I'm looking for.
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I’d talk to local wood workers; they might take on small job commissions
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Here’s one on Etsy.

If you wanted 200 of them you could order from China...
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This was a beginner project in high school wood shop both when I was in school and when my dad was in school (I have my dad's on my dresser) so I've known lots of people who have had them -- they're only a couple cuts, and depending on the year either the grooves were cut with a chisel or a dado blade on a table or radial arm saw. I find it interesting that there's a retail market for it.
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I suspect these are difficult to make money on because they're so simple; someone would always be undercutting you. As custom request, though, any woodworker should be able to help you out.

Of the two that 10ch linked from Amazon, the one that's unavailable would be much more durable because it used sliding dovetail joints. The kit for the one with the built-in pencil cup looks to be very poorly made for the price they're asking. The screws are too short for the job they're being asked to do, and they didn't even bother to countersink the holes.
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I got mine on Ebay in the UK, I'm sure you'll be able to pick up something in the US.
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the grooves were cut with a chisel

A chisel! Of course! I don't have the space to use a dado set to cut these, but I could be convinced to try my hand at chiseling some dovetails.

Thanks, jon1270, for the thoughts on why these are hard to find retail as well.

And shout out to whoever bought the Etsy one since last night...now I'll have to buy a shipping container full of these instead...
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