Parking/Park and Ride/Transit for Chicago concert
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I'm driving from Wisconsin to a concert in Chicago next month. The venue is 1200 W. Randolph St, in the Near West area, while lodging is in Lincolnwood. I don't want to drive all the way to the venue and dea with traffic and parking, but also don't want to spend 90 mins on the MTA to get back to Lincolnwood at 11pm. What's the best Park & Ride option to split the difference?
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There's parking at the Edgewater Metra station. There's roughly one train an hour late at night (and one every two hours on Sundays). It's not obvious from Google Maps, but there's an entrance to Union Station from Madison between Clinton and Canal. I'm not going to claim it's your best option, but it doesn't show up on Google Maps for me, so you may have failed to consider it.
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I would recommend parking at either Cumberland on the Blue Line or Howard on the Red Line, assuming you are comfortable riding the L at later times of day (I think it's 100% fine but everyone's comfort level varies.)

The CTA is a longer trip than Metra, but I think it's better to gamble on the higher frequency of the CTA -- nothing worse than just barely missing a train and having to wait an hour, or even worse learn that you've just missed the last train.
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City Winery is a huge pain in the ass to get to when you're staying in Lincolnwood, literally no lines intersect. It might actually be in your best interest to drive to the venue because at least there won't be any traffic on your way back to Lincolnwood. Relying on a train to get home might result in a long long wait, and will definitely result in a long long ride. Have you checked out SpotHero for parking? You might try downloading it to see if cheap nearby parking is more of an option than you think.
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If you're not familiar with Chicago I'd recommend driving. You might get lucky with street parking, especially on a weekday, but if not City Winery does have valet parking.

If you know your way around the city, I'd recommend finding a parking spot near a Brown Line station; City Winery is close to the Morgan Green Line/Pink Line station and it's easy to switch downtown from Brown to Green or Pink. I've often had luck finding parking near the Addison Brown Line stop (near Addison and Damen) before 6pm, though watch out for restricted parking signs.
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Lyft? Uber?
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It's Monday evening, the drive on 94 is 21 minutes right now, and transit is like 70 minutes. I'd drive to the venue, head west until I found street parking, then take an Uber to/from my car if it wound up being a hike. If you're already on 94 heading in, its like 30 more minutes of traffic to get from Touhy (near Lincolnwood) to Randolph even if you're driving in during peak hours.
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Thanks everyone, very helpful.
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That's a hard one, honestly from there I would drive

Nearby the venue I've had luck parking at the green Pink Ashland stop (Ashland and Lake) and hopping on the train there. You can park on Ashland pretty close to the station, because of the park. But I haven't done it in a while for exact details.

There's actually a decent amount of parking in that area... I park there for a class 3 days a week and around 530 see spots usually in front of McDonalds HQ on Washington (free) or the goodwill (Racine and Washington) also free. The north south streets are non metered, while the east west streets you have to pay. I don't mind walking for free parking. There usually is parking on Lake as well. Download the park Chicago app to add to your meter if you do that.

There are also some parking garages in the area.

I never find parking on randolf itself though.
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