Name this fondue-bread-bowl recipe
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I found this recipe a few years ago in the web and now I can't locate it. It is essentially fondue/cheese dip inside a bread bowl.

The name is either Swiss or Swedish in origin, made with dark bread and has a lot of sour cream in it. I add bacon to mine, and I assume the original has some kind of meat in it if not bacon. You cut out the inside bread and slice it up for dipping. The name is very Germanic with a suffix like -chen and a fire related word in it, but it is not flammkuchen. I can find lots of copycat recipes, but none with the actual name.
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Do you have more details on the recipe? Eg is this hot or cold, do you bake the bread yourself? I tried googling in German and a lot of recipes for käsedip im brötchen etc assume you make the bread.
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Sorry, this is a warm dish - here is the basic process
Buy a round loaf of bread and cut out the middle so you have a bowl
Slice the middle into planks and butter them
Cook and crumble bacon
Layer shredded cheese, sour cream and bacon in the bread bowl, finishing with a layer of cheese
Bake the bowl and the planks
Pull the planks out after about 10 minutes so they don't burn.
The bread bowl is done when the top is brown and the middle of the dip is warm
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Unfortunately it's not the answer but that's definitely called a cob dip or cob loaf here, and is an entertaining classic for some.
I tried to find a link to a German or Swedish dish, and while apparently cob might have Germanic roots as a word, I couldn't find anything more. Still, maybe it helps a bit.
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The German term "Käse im Brotlaib" leads to lots of recipes similar to what you describe, but I don't think there's a specific term for it. You could use the term "Brotlaibchen" for a small loaf of bread, but I've never heard that term. Caveat: I don't speak Swiss German.
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Yeah, tons of recipes around for Käse im Brottopf, a few for Käse im Brottöpfchen.
Generally speaking -chen is a diminuitive, so a small Topf is a Töpfchen. The German for cob loaf is Brotlaib, in a lot of those recipes the word Brotlaib is replaced with Brottopf but that really is just recipe or menu speak. I am Austrian not Swiss, but cheese is chäs and loaf weggen.
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