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One of my kids and I stayed in an AirBnB home this weekend. They had a LoveSac in the living room, and my kid loved it. If we were to get one, would we need an actual LoveSac, or are some of the less-expensive knockoffs good enough?

The AirBnB we stayed at this weekend had an enormous LoveSac in the living room. I think it was the size that costs $1000. My kid loved it, and we have a living room currently almost empty of furniture, so the idea is very appealing. But the price!

I have two questions:

1. Do you find that the big LoveSac type things that claim to seat 2 or 3 actually do so? Watching my kid and our hosts' kids, I had a suspicion that we would end up with a huge thing dominating our living room which nobody would ever consent to share with someone else, in which case it makes more sense to get a smaller one, though perhaps not as fun.

2. There are a number of less-expensive knockoffs on the market now. Have you tried any of them? How is the quality?

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Slacker Sack is a lower-cost alternative that's pretty good, in my experience.
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I have one, the biggest size, in the "velvet" covering. Pretty sure it's not a LoveSac brand but it definitely has foam inside and no pellets (not sure of the brand, sorry. the no pellets is, I think, important). I got it off of Craigslist for a few hundred dollars. They are sort of heavy and unwieldy. We can fit two friendly people on it (you sort of roll towards each other) or a ton of kids who don't seem to care that they're flopping all over each other.
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Costco has them! Not LoveSac branded huge, ginormous ones, but these ones are certainly big enough for one adult, or maybe two teenagers at a time. I saw them in person in NJ two weeks ago and they were $130. They are also on their website where there is a longer 'log shaped' one for $150. These ones are filled with a combination of foam and beads. The benefit of Costco is that you can return them if you don't like them or if they start to lose their stuffing.

I have had the opportunity to sit on ones from Yogibo. There's also a store near me where we've gone in and tried them. They're very comfortable, but also really low to the ground (I needed help getting up, but I'm getting old and have a shitty back). They're filled with microbeads. They are super malleable and don't make any noise; their covers are almost like a spandex and are really soft. I've seen them IRL in a home setting - a single room was filled with them in all different shapes and colors and they were clean. The store ones did look a little dirty, but I think they just needed a wash.

Finally, Muji has beanbags (filled with microbeads) that are $150 and $40 for the cover. My kids loooooove them, and every time I walk past the store, people are lounging all over them. They aren't huge (one per person) - there's a little movie in that Muji link that shows different people using them. There are tons of reviews and articles about them on line.

Hope this helps!
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If you're at all handy with sewing, you can just buy the foam-chunks insert and make a cover yourself. I made one for an XXL bean bag. I cut two 3' circles, split one in half with a zipper, and sewed a rectangle of fabric to them to make a 4' long cylinder. Super quick and easy, and much cheaper than buying it from a company. Also you can use much nicer fabric :)
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I'm on my second Comfysack (the first one died an unfortunate death at the paws of an incontinent elderly dog) and I love them. They are substantially cheaper than LoveSac, but the only issues I ever have with my Comfysack are related to the foam getting compressed/pushed into humps under my weight over time, at which point I need to "fluff the beanbag," as we call it in my house (fluffing, nice a word as it seems, can be a pain in the butt, as it requires heaving 75lb of foam chair up and down repeatedly to break up the clumps). When freshly fluffed, it gives a great floating sensation; when not-so-freshly fluffed, it's more like a cushy floor pad. Either way, I pretty much live on mine when I'm not working, as it's good for lounging to watch tv, curling up to read a book, and even sleeping, futon-style (I'm short and fit neatly across the 5.5' it spreads out to).

My first CS was a 6' round (for which I think I paid about $350, ten years ago), which was definitely big enough for two very plus-sized people. Now I have a 5' round (currently selling for $230 - they have sales quite often that knock it down from a sticker price closer to $300), which I jealously guard for myself but which could probably fit two normal-sized adults or two very friendly plus-sized ones as long as, as jessamyn points out, you're ok sort of ending up cuddled in a divot together.

1. Keep in mind that generally you're talking about a circle chair - it's going to be 5', or 6', or whatever in every direction, not like a couch that really only has length in one dimension. So you need more space for it than your brain might try to claim it needs.
2. You will be sitting quite low to the ground (less low when it's freshly fluffed, more low when not-so-freshly). This can make it difficult to get up if you're old, rotund, have bum knees or back, etc. It helps to put something solid next to the chair (I have a desk on one side and a cube shelf on the other) that you can use to lever yourself up.
3. They tell you the cover is washable. And it is. But good goddamn luck wrestling that freakin' beanbag back into its cover after you wash it, especially doing it with only one person. I've taken to covering the topside of the cover with a spare sheet as a sort of slipcover; that way I can shake off crumbs and/or easily pull off and wash the sheet, then just tuck it back around the top of the chair. If the cover itself gets really nasty, I'll wash it, but otherwise I avoid that as re-dressing the chair provides approximately a week's worth of cardio
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I’m pretty sure that the ones at Costco are the Comfysack Hold your Seahorses is referencing.
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We got the Cozy Sack 6-foot one in black on Amazon 4 years ago and it lives in front of our wii u and has gotten pretty much continuous use since we bought it. Several kids can fit on it at once. If definitely needs to be fluffed and vacuumed sometimes. We hire someone to clean every 2 weeks and it's one of the things she does.

We call it The Blob and it is awesome. It shipped in a shockingly small square box that was a bit bigger than a bale of hay. You open it up and pull it out and it...expands. Slowly and ominously until it has taken over your living room. My older son is sitting on it right now playing Super Smash Bros. When the new version of that game comes out in December he will probably never leave the blob. Out of everything in our house that has probably given the highest happiness per dollar.
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Apologies for posting again but I thought of a couple other things.

We also have a Yogibo Max which we call MiniBlob. The cozy sac is filled with shredded foam, the yogibo is filled with tiny beads so it's more like you're sinking into sand. If you want something that's like the lovesac, get the cozy sac.

Also, to answer your questions:

1. Do you find that the big LoveSac type things that claim to seat 2 or 3 actually do so?
YES. YES. YES. Especially if it's kids. People are drawn to it.

2. Knockoffs - How is the quality?
After 4 years of use the cozy sac is as fluffy as when we got it.
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Ooops. Cozysack, not Comfysack; I guess in my head they all kind of meld together.
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There is a comfy sack AND a cozy sack, believe it or not.
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