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Which service has the best options for leaving someone long voicemails that can be downloaded in mp3 or easily playable format?

For my friend’s birthday, I’d like to set up a number where her friends and family can call and leave voicemail messages, including super long ones, like, where her beloved aunts have a 15 minute ramble about what she was like as a baby or something, and it would not be a problem. I’d also like my friend to be able to download the messages to her computer. A phone number would probably work best because some of the people calling may not have the best tech access.

Ideally, this would be free, but if it’s something where I can prepay for a year for $20, that’s fine too, as long as she can download the messages.

What’s my best option? Will Google voice allow 15 minute voicemails? Googling seems to suggest they had a shorter limit.

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Google Voice limits voice messages to 3 minutes. I recommend Number Barn as an alternative, it's cheap (I pay $2/month) and your messages are delivered directly to your email as an audio file (.wav) which seems to be what you are looking for. I am not sure if a message as long as 15 minutes would be allowed though - there is no time limit that I am aware of but at the same time ANY voicemail service would be remiss not to include safeguards against butt dialing, seniors forgetting to hang up, and so on.
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VoIP.ms does this. I'm not sure of the limit, but I've never hit it and they could probably tell you on the live chat. It's really cheap and you can set it up to forward the message as an MP3 attachment on an email.
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