An audio-clip alternative to Imageshack
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I love Imageshack for one-click simple hosting of images, looking for something just as simple for small audio clips.

Been blogging for a while and love the simplicity of imageshack to host images with very little hassle. Last night I wanted to blog some small audio clips - my kids singing - and wanted to find something like imageshack to host them. I am using Blogger for my blog, but tried lots of different services (eSnips, 35Mb, stremload etc) but havn't found anything as simple and effective as Imageshack. Filelodge looks the closest. I guess what I am after is one-click uploading, unlimited time hosting, and a nice simple direct-link host - don't want to have to wait or to have to click through. As they are small audio clips I am not interested in having a large storage provision.

Got nowhere with Google for over an hour, and multiple registrations with possible alternatives, last night. Any one help please?
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Can you define "small" - how big is each clip? 0.5Mb? 2Mb? 5Mb?
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Looking at imageshack, they allow you to host .swf files. Maybe run your audio files through a mp3 to swf convertor and then upload to imageshack as usual?
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Response by poster: They are just snippets of speech so far, so maybe less than 1mb - will look at mp3 to swf - interesting thought
posted by calvinorr at 5:32 AM on February 14, 2006 You have to register. It is a one-click affair once you have an account though.
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Response by poster: Putfile does what other hosters do in so far as you need to go to their site to listen to the file. I guess I want the link in my blog to automatically play the file using whatever mediaplayer is set as the default - not take me to a page where i can download the file.

Thanks anyway
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Perhaps one of these will work for you.
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Ourmedia may be what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Might have found it myself

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