Trying to find an Eastern style coat
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I've tried this style of coat on before and it was wonderfully comfortable and now that I'm in a climate that requires them, I'd like to find one. The generalized name seems to be a "deel" and it's a Mongolian style coat. What I'm specifically looking for is something akin to what the character on the right is wearing. I've found at least one person who makes something vaguely similar but it's not as thick as the one in the photograph. Where can I find something like this?
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The coat on etsy says that it's made to order - why not contact the seller and see if they can make you a thicker one?
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AUTHOR - I have already contacted the Etsy seller and asked about the photograph if they could reproduce it. Despite the skills they display in other items, they stated they couldn't faithfully reproduce the coat or even something reasonably close. They did not supply a reasoning.
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It looks like a cross between this Turkish coat pattern, which has the thickness you're looking for, and this Tibetan one. If you could find a local seamstress, they might be able to use one of these patterns to make what you want.
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Also, I found this on Etsy by searching for Men's quilted coat. It looks like that vendor has a few similar coats.
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This listing caught my eye; it doesn't have quite the 'Mongolian' flavor you're looking for, but they make a pretty wide range and variety of stuff and they encourage custom requests on their main store page.

If that source photo is a screenshot from a movie, you might find some leads by searching "[movie title] [character name] cosplay." There are various cosplay community groups/sites/forums out there frequented by costumers, and people who are very clever about sourcing garments.
they stated they couldn't faithfully reproduce the coat or even something reasonably close. They did not supply a reasoning.

(As someone who's fielded the occasional Etsy inquiry for a highly specific custom item, it's often not a question of whether I can make the thing, but whether I have the time, and knowing that if I give an honest quote factoring in all the extra time for drafting/prototyping, it's going to be orders of magnitude more than many people are willing to pay; it's often easier to just say "Sorry, I can't.")
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Have you seen this store?
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Amazon has hanten, japanese quilted cotton kimono jackets example 1 - example 2
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