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Is there a reason why I should not premix Restoralax with water ahead of use? I usually sprinkle about 1/4 tsp of Restoralax powder on my senior kitty's wet food, twice a day. At first this helped her "go," but it has been less effective lately, and I was advised by a vet tech once that it's ideal to mix it with water. The label (which was written with humans in mind) says to mix it with 17g with 250mL of water for one dose.

I was thinking of mixing a batch for my kitty, and then measuring out the liquid to apply to her food. The ratio I was thinking of is 1 part powder to 4 parts water, then 1 tsp of liquid would contain her 1/4 tsp dose. Is this a good idea? Is it less effective or somehow bad to premix the stuff with water?

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Given that this involves animal pharmacology, you may wish to ask your veterinarian, rather than us. It seems to require a level of expertise that an average answerer here would not have.
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My vet is the person who recommended giving her the restoralax. I was wondering if anyone knows whether its okay to store it mixed with water.
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Yes, and that question is the one I suggest you ask your vet.

How medicines are affected by temperature, being stored as/mixed with liquid, etc. is pharmacological knowledge.

How those medicines affect animal bodies is animal-specific pharmacological knowledge.

It's knowledge you're unlikely to find here amongst laymen, unless another veterinarian, or vet pharmacist, happens to see your question.
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Once mixed, use within 48 hours. The active ingredient in Restoralax and Miralax is PPG 3350, a long chain polymer that holds water. Wait too long, and the polymer chain breaks down.

There are a few of us veterinarians here.
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