Using a strop with double edge razor
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I use a double edge safety razor and bought a strop to keep the blades sharp. However, I have been unsuccessful at developing the proper technique. Every time I use the strop, the blade is duller than when I started. I am using something like this: Strop Belt Are you using a DE safety razor and a strop successfully and what are your tips to improve my technique?
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Big discussion of the issue here; sounds to me like modern disposable double-edged blades are disposable and don't respond well to strops.
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Perhaps not 100% applicable here, and admittedly I don't grow much of a beard, but I shave using a mach 3 disposable, and using my arm leather as a strop every two or three times I shave has extended the life of the blades a surprising amount. Can't help with technique tho, I just do it in the shower right before I shave, run the blade the opposite way for shaving along the inner (hairless) part of my left arm about 10 times. I'd say it has doubled the length of time it takes for me to get to the point where I need to replace the shaving head.
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Did you also get sharpening compound? You apply it to the strop before sharpening. I assume you’ve already watched the requisite YouTube videos for technique.
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Only the old single-sided safety razors such as the Rolls Razor are meant to be stropped and/or sharpened. These razors have a permanent, non-replacable blade.

Double-sided safety razors use disposable blades that are not meant to be stropped or sharpened. When the blade no longer has a keen, unfolded edge you simply get rid of it and put in a new one.
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Yeah, strops are typically used on straight razors, where you have a handle and it's fairly easy to run the blade along the strop.

Double-edged safety razors are disposable (use a blade safe, don't just throw them in the trash) You can get high quality DE blades in bulk online pretty reasonably and you can definitely get multiple uses out of a blade before replacing with a fresh one. Feather and Merkur are two of the big names. I would recommend buying a variety pack of blades and trying a few brands, they really can be different.
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Being very "Old School" The way my father sharpened his razor blade was to put in inside a smooth round glass. Then put your finger on it and move it back and forth several times and then flip the blade over and repeat. It does make it better than using a very dull blade.
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Double edge razor blades cost like 25 cents—for a good brand. If it feels dull, replace it.
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