What are some up-and-coming fandoms?
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I need to do some research on fandoms, and I could use some direction. Obviously Star Wars/Trek, Marvel, AT, etc etc have large followings, but I could use examples of fandoms supporting independent creators.

MBMBAM and The Adventure Zone are *exactly* what I'm looking for, but obviously they're already on my list.

Who else is self-publishing podcasts/comics/etc etc and has an active fan base around them? I'm especially interested in fandoms that create a lot of fan art.
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Night Vale. Huge fan art base.

Hamilton was not exactly indie, but the fandom exploded based only on the Original Cast Recording and some short videos, originally.
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Check, Please! has a huge fandom and is a comic about guys playing hockey. Two of them Fall In Love.
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Based on what I see on Tumblr, Yuri!!! On Ice is a big recent phenomenon. It's an anime about boy figure skaters. There is SO MUCH fanart, omg.

The My Favorite Murder podcast has an enormous fandom, and they're relatively recent, too. Their fanbase demographics are interesting, it seems to consist mostly of young to middle aged women who are into true crime. The fans call themselves Murderinos.
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I only know of Homestuck because the Tumblrs I follow for TAZ content are constantly posting fanart, etc., about it.
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The Magnus Archives has really been taking off lately as a fandom.
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Some independent games: Undertale has kind of come and gone, but it was built off the Homestuck fandom and was gigantic right after it came out. Five nights at freddy's. Sally face and also Fran bow are two smaller fandoms coming up at the same time with fans doing lots of crossovers with each other.

Wildbow, author of web serials Worm, Pact, Twig, and Ward, has a huge fanbase that gets a little bit of fanart, mostly on reddit.

Ava's Demon, the webcomic, is another big one. I don't know how big it is, but my partner is really involved in the fandom for Long Exposure, another gay webcomic like check please, and people do tons of fanart.
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Drunks & Dragons
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The Homestuck fandom is huge and completely incomprehensible to me as a 40 year old.

I met most of my online friends in the Night Vale fandom, which was big at the time.

Oh, and Overwatch. Which is... a game I guess? I see it come across my Tumblr dash a lot.
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Sherlock might be interesting for this project, as it isn't new but the history of supporting artists is notable (with genuine published literature and organizations) compared to modern fanart and fiction (mostly of the BBC show), also huge but also very different from the old fandom.
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Recommend you check the fandoms page for the Yuletide annual festival on AO3, which focuses on small fandoms.
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Critical Role? It's a D&D show. Tonnes of fanart, cosplay (which if you ask me ought to count as fanart) etc.
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I haven't ventured into it (the fandom...I play the game daily), but Stardew Valley totally lends itself to fandoming.
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There is a sort of interesting matryoshka-doll of fandom around Buffering the Vampire Slayer and Angel on Top, where people who don't even watch the show listen to the pod and create art around it. The creators of Buffering write songs inspired by every episode, and there are now fan-created songs and artworks about the podcast. Angel on Top does the same but with poetry.

On the Welcome to Nightvale side, (apparently MeFi's own)Lauren O’Niell gave the green a big shout out on the most recent episode of the spin-off recap podcast, Good Morning Nightvale (possible having a recap show of your own show is the most meta fandom action possible).
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