Please help me find an RSVP website or program to use at work.
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We hold several events per year for anywhere from 50-2000 attendees. We email out invites, and those who RSVP yes are then emailed ticket/s from our ticketing system. (We also sell paid tickets online to these events, which don’t go through the RSVP process.) We did have a database that we used for RSVPs, but it’s no longer working for us and we are phasing it out, and looking for a new way to manage the RSVP process. It doesn’t have to be a free service.

In my dream RSVP system, you can do the following:
• Customise invite templates
• Upload contacts from a spreadsheet
• Assign a department and/or category to each contact
• Invite contacts to some or all events
• Include a specific number of plus ones for each contact, anywhere from 0 to 100+
• RSVP for the invited number of plus ones, or fewer
• See who has or hasn’t RSVPed for each event
• Send reminders to those who haven’t RSVPed
• Export the contact’s name, business, email address, number of invites/plus ones accepted, department, category into a spreadsheet for uploading into our ticketing system

Can anyone suggest anything that might work?
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At my company, we do this through Google Calendar invites for the small-scale stuff. It works really well, but we're a Gmail company to begin with. Last time someone needed to do a more elaborate invite (An all-hands invite with payments, +1s, dietary restrictions, etc. etc.) they made a sign-up form in the form of a Google Doc. That worked well too.

Who does your company run their email through?
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Response by poster: We use Outlook through Kerio Connect. We are in Australia if that makes any difference.
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RSVPify has most of these feature, I think. I used it for my wedding, but they cater to all different types of events.
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Splash is the gold standard for this- infinitly customizable invites & really excellent email & ROI tracking
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Eventbrite can do most of these. It's also useful for selling tickets and RSVPs at the same time.
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An organization I work with uses ChapterManager. It should be able to do most of what you need, I think (not sure managing "plus ones", as we've never done anything like that).
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