Help me find the perfect trucker hat
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I wear the same two trucker hats every day. One is from an oil refinery my husband worked on and the other one has the Vermont state flag. I like that they shade my face and the mesh in the back is cool on my scalp. My dog just ate the oil refinery one and I am looking to upgrade. I am a woman with an average head.

I HATE plain front hats so I would like some design or slogan, but I don’t like obvious branding ( so not that paragonia one everyone has.). Most of the hats I’ve seen have weird libertarian messaging (a machine gun with “COME AND GET IT”) which I’m not into for the record.
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I just bought one from Macy's online from the brand "47" called the Trawler Clean Up cap. It's sports logo branded, which might be a drawback, but I really like it. It sits low on my head (doesn't have a high, stiff front panel like some hats) and a soft mesh back. Here's one with the Old Dominion U baseball guy on front which removes it from the realm of instantly recognizable sports-team related. Bought this one at Del Mar Thoroughbred Track last week and loved it too. Same soft mesh.
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Here's an option.
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Patagonia do some nice ones.
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+1 Patagonia! I love my Patagonia trucker hat.

There are a ton on Amazon and on outdoors type sites; Prana make ones for women that are lovely as well. You can also find some on Etsy with all sorts of appliques and slogans -- including custom ones just for you!
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Thanks y’all, I see I spelled Patagonia wrong in my question but I would like to avoid their pretty obvious branding. Good quality tho !
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Here is a plain hat with a lightning bolt. (Not obvious branding at all.

Here is a the classic Grateful Dead logo trucker's hat. Mine has worn well. More obvious branding for some.
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If you like the quality of the Patagonia hats, why not put a patch that you do like over their branding? Here's a good one
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My son is super into the fishing trucker caps at Field & Stream. The branding isn't that offensive.

Trucker caps

Also this kind of nice "women's" trucker cap from the same place, without any product:

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This cap from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation may work. I was thinking of ordering one myself, as I am also looking for a new cap.
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I just got this hat on a recent trip to Colorado, and well, I love it. They have other colors and designs, too.
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Cafepress isn't great but this trucker hat design is perfect. I have never needed to buy another hat after buying one like this. It says everything ti needs to, in the way it should be.
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