how does your company implement state-specific anti-harassment training?
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(I work in HR) I'm researching how to comply with state-specific anti-harassment laws. For example, both California and Maine require our employees in those states to mention THEIR specific clauses of anti-harassment legislation, and state-level resources and recourse. So how does your multi-state org handle it? More questions inside:

- maybe we just need a new vendor. Does your vendor offer training modules that are specific to each state, and kept up to date?

Maybe we should buy a generic training and add a slide at the end that links to all 50 states' specific information.

Do you have a vendor or training provide you'd recommend as doing a great job with anti-harassment training, going beyond simply complying with the minimum of legal requirements?
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I've attended the anti-harassment trainings in both of my company's offices in different states. They're done by the same organization (not in-house), and they give the same presentation but tweaked to cover each state's laws. One thing I really like is that they also mention the laws in the other office's state--it's helpful for folks who travel between the two frequently, and overall helps people feel informed.

I'd offer to MeMail you the name of the company, but I don't necessarily recommend the organization we've used for the past couple years. The presenter is fun and upbeat and their materials are decent and always updated, but they joke a little too much, gloss over too many things as "I have to tell you this just because it's the law" (rather than "Here's the right thing to do and how the law applies"), and the joking tends toward being just on the edge of non-inclusive language I'd give a coworker some candid critical feedback about.

But the companies who do this are out there! Especially in California, which, as I'm sure you know, is the most HRiest of states.
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