Delightful subscription or experience gift in SF
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Being the bay on the seas of prosperity, technology, and youth culture as it is, San Francisco must be chock-full of gift services and/or entertainment opportunities that are among the most delightful/unique in the world. What would you (citizens or experts of the bay area) want or recommend? ++ points for links! Extra enthusiasm for social good or net positive humanitarian impact.
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Best answer: Sea Foraging Tours! My wife and I took two of those in slightly different locations, and they were a blast. The guide is both a real expert and an entertaining storyteller, and he's very focused on sustainability and the health of the ecosystem. Also, you will see more phallic objects than at a dildo factory, which I found pretty hilarious.
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Book a tour to see the POPOs. (Privately Owned Public Spaces) See some wonderful hidden gardens right inside the Financial District. You'll feel empowered to walk right into a bank and go up some secret stairs to a place that was designed for you, but you were never really expected find out about. Learn about the concept of "air rights" which explains why some buildings are incongruously short. I recommend this tour with Rick Evans.
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Honestly my favorite local subscription was my Eatwell Box but what about courses at SF Needlework and Design, or building a telescope at the Randall Museum, or taking a trip to the Tactile Dome? Also a huge fan of the Chinatown Alleyway Tours.
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If you don't mind crossing the Bay, the classes at Oaktown Spice Shop are great.
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For someone who would dig welding or class blowing, classes at The Crucible can be pretty neat.
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If your person likes film, an SFFilm Society membership is a great idea. Tons of screenings and events, plus tickets to the big film festival every April.
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Best answer: Haven't been there yet, but this seems amazing: Aftel Archive of Curious Scents.
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