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My friends run a great blog (and app/instagram/website) which recommends restaurants with great vegetarian/vegan options. Ie it's not just for vegetarian or vegan restaurants but also covers places which serve meat but where the options are good for herbivores.

They have a good name, they're now looking for a byline.
In the running is

Restaurants recommended by vegetarians
Powered by plants
One stop source book for plant based life
Best Veggie Options nearby.

But they're not feeling any of them... can this genius hive mastermind come up with anything?
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My ears perk up when you say “omnivore restaurants with good options for vegetarians.” It’s relatively easy to find all-vegetarian restaurants where they exist, but a lot more challenging to know which omnivore restaurants might be good at accommodating. I would definitely like an app like that. So if I were looking for a byline, that concept is what I’d want to emphasize.

Maybe “vegetarian food where ever you are” or something like that.
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Where to eat for herbivores.
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I apologize in advance, but it's catchy: Get Your Veg On

Be careful using the term "plant-based" to include vegetarian because that's strong code for "vegan" now, and they might take heat for that.
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How about "Find veg-friendly options anywhere". Or, leave out "find" for: "Veg-friendly options anywhere". You could play around with punctuation too such as: "Veg-friendly options. Anywhere."
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One more. Depending on the name of the app, their tagline could be: Options Anywhere.
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As a vegan married to an omnivoire, I would 1000% use this blog/app!

I think it might be easier to brainstorm a fitting tagline if we knew the name of the blog, or at least the tone (i.e. is it serious? jokey? punny? cool-coded? etc) so our suggestions can be in line with their vibe.

I agree that when I see "plant-based" I assume pure vegan (not vegetarian), so I would steer away from that phraseology if they're trying to reach the whole spectrum of non-meat eaters. I think that a lot of places signalling that they want to reach veggies and vegans used to use the "veg*n" thing. I don't know it that fits with their vibe.

My suggestions:
"Veg*ns Eat Out Anywhere"
"For when you want more than green salad"
"Eat Out With Your Omni Friends and Don't Starve!"
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Or maybe "How to Feed Your Veg*n"
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I just want to agree on avoiding plant-based but for different reasons. I’m vegan, and though it was originally meant to indicate vegan, it’s been co-opted by pretty much anyone who wants to pretend food is healthful. So I consider it meaningless.
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Thanks very much for suggestions everyone. Will report back if any get chosen!
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