What are handset options for Assurance Wireless/Lifeline/Obamaphone?
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I have an older disabled relative who uses Assurance Wireless for their Lifeline cell phone/Obamaphone service. They have problems using the handset, and I'd like to get them an easier-to-use phone. What are my options?

Helping out an older relative with Assurance Wireless service. Their phone is a stock Android phone Assurance provided, and they're having trouble using it - they are confused by the dialing interface, have trouble seeing text (even with the settings adjusted), and find it difficult to text with it.

Challenge level: Relative is not tech savvy, has vision issues, has mobility issues.

Ideally, we'd like to get them something similar to a Jitterbug phone -- something easy to use with a simple interface for calling/texting. What are the options for Assurance?
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Assurance is owned by Virgin and has information about which available phones are available are on their website.

That said, if you don't feel like they have any good offerings, you could go to one of the companies that have plans that are lifeline eligible but note that the other competitors because their sales reps are paid (at least partially) on commission for signups.
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These are the phones Assurance lists as available through their Lifeline service. If it were me, I'd call Assurance and see if they could switch out the phone for one of those, if any of those looked more user-friendly for your relative.

If none of them look right, then you might want to google "lifeline phones [relative's state]" and look for smaller providers. There are a ton of providers for Lifeline phones, and some of the smaller providers seems to have a lot more flexibility on what kinds of phones they'll provide. You'd want to check about whether/when your relative is allowed to switch providers, though.
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