Help Tom Sawyer Out With This Here Fence
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I want to whitewash the old wood picket fence in my backyard. How should I prep the food, and what kind of paint should I use?

The wooden fence is old, and I think a little paint could spruce it up.

How should I prep the wood? A wash will be in order; there is moss/lichen growing on parts of it.

What kind of paint should I use?
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Prep the food, lol. Of course I meant "prep the fence".
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Are you literally interested in whitewash as the medium? Or just white paint suitable for an old wood fence?
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I want to whitewash- don’t think the fence could stand solid color.
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You want it to be as dry as possible, so check weather reports. Mow the area on both sides of it quite well.
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Get one of the cleaners recommended for deck painting (wood) prep. The stuff is usually sprayed on with a pump sprayer, then hosed off after 10 minutes. For the encrusted moss you'll need to scrub/pry off the majority. Then for easy application of stain or whitewash use a pump sprayer.
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What you want is white stain, which will be absorbed into the wood and looks like paint. I did my picket fence with this at the recommendation of several people and it looks beautiful after 3 years. I used this one on the lower pressure setting.
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