Sketchy Japanese Cultural Appropriation?
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Do the red 'characters' in this image from skater-gear maker/artist Sketchy Tank say anything? If so, in what language?

the graphic seems to be called 'unlucky' and is based on the ubiquitous waving-cat, Maneki-Neko. i really like the design, but don't want to wear something that's nonsense, or weird appropriation. help?
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It says "bad luck" - English words spelled phonetically.
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The characters say "Bad luck" in English that has been transliterated into Japanese katakana, which is the typical writing system used for transliterating foreign words. As a white American who has been studying Japanese for about eight years, I don't see anything particularly appropriative or offensive about this. There's a novel with the same name and a pro wrestler with almost the same name. Also, the maneki neko image itself has been transformed and reimagined many different ways in Japan. This T-shirt has a pretty metal-looking one.
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so. cool. thanks peeps!
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