Bar on wheels... without pedals?
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Im looking for pictures of a “mobile bar” and bar stools built onto a flatbed truck. Has anyone seen a non-bike Bar on wheels with mounted bar stools? Pictures would be a big help!

I’ve been to two dozen cities that have those pedal pubs. Everyone sits on a bar stool with pedals mounted and they cruise around town hooting and hollaring. They usually have a roof but are generally open air besides that. The vehicles usually have a motor but the main locomotion source is the pedals.

I’m looking to find something similar but without the pedal aspect. Has anyone ever seen a motorized vehicle (non-bike) version of the Bar on wheels? I’m picturing a flatbed truck with bar stools mounted in the bed- not a fully enclosed party bus.
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This is big in Memphis (much to the locals chagrin, I understand). You might try there.
posted by arnicae at 5:03 PM on September 1, 2018

I think we saw this One in Nashville. If it wasn’t that one is was definitely the same concept - open air party bus.
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Sort of almost what you want, A Beer Bar Built On Back of a Pickup Truck.
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Tons of em at Burning Man, or at least there were when I used to go a decade ago. Here's one from 2005 off Google.
posted by mannequito at 7:21 PM on September 1, 2018

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