Do I need to GDPR my mobile number?
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I'm new to online dating and have been chatting with a few folks using the app's chat function. But I'm pretty free giving out my mobile number to the few I've established connections with, since the apps are kind of annoying (looking at you, Bumble!)

Assume I have the experience of a kitten, should I be guarding my mobile number more? I understand it's easier to block/report within the app, but so far I've vetted sufficiently beforehand and haven't had any issues. Is there some nefarious use to a cellphone number I'm not aware of?
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I am fairly cautious. Why not get a Google Voice number and use that? Free, easy.
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The answer is yes, there are nefarious uses. One involves hijacking your phone number to receive authentication codes to log into your accounts. Others, which are likely the bigger problem, are stalking and harassing you.

I'd recommend using a Google Voice number for online dating until you get to know the person well. It is free, and you can always abandon it and get a different one if a problem arises - you can of course do that with your mobile number as well but it is more of a pain.
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Google voice! That also gives you the ability to text from a computer, should you want to. It's super easy to block someone should they turn out to be a problem, too.
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