Huge man at Aretha Franklin Funeral
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My wife and I are dying with curiosity: Who is that colossal man seated with the dignitaries at Aretha Franklin's funeral?

I'm sorry I cannot even find a picture with him in it, my google-fu fails me entirely. If you watched the funeral on TV you know who I mean: A colossal dude seated off to one side of Jesse-Bill-Al, a couple rows back. Can't miss him. Who is that?
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I can't see a picture with a large man either, but I think it is Reverend William Barber. Scroll through the pictures, and you will see him.
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Rev Dr Barber?
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Here he is at the Democratic National Convention. I think he's pretty marvelous, and I'm not even a Christian.
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He spoke this year at the annual Friends General Conference Gathering—a major Quaker get-together. People were absolutely inspired by him. You can see a video of his speech here, if you feel like it and scroll down.

I had no idea he was such a known guy. Our plenary speakers range from the well-known coming in from outside Quakerism (including, back in the day, Martin Luther King, Ju) to homegrown folks (including, back in 2015, me).
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Rev. William Barber.
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The Rev. Dr. Barber is awesome. I’ve only had the opportunity to see him speak once, in Raleigh. If you have time, watch some of his speeches. He’s done so much for the state.
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I had the privilege of hearing him speak at a training session for Moral Mondays leaders in my city. That experience, combined with his book The Third Reconstruction, was life changing. He's absolutely the real deal.
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After a few minutes of googling it seems he isn't a giant - he has a degenerative arthritic condition that means he can't sit in a regular chair. He has to sit on a high stool.
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He has serious health problems, so that may be why he looks unusual. He is an absolute legend, and one of the few people I think can help lead us out of this muck. Definitely recommend his book/speeches.
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