What bra to wear with low-backed halter top?
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I bought this top when it was on super-sale and now that I've received it, I realized that I have no idea what bra to wear with it. The very thin model looks like she's wearing no bra at all, but I bought the L and need some coverage. What kind of bra would work?

I'm about a 36DD and bought the size L. I would feel uncomfortable without a bra of some kind. What kind of bra would you wear with this, realistically? I don't want to wear anything adhesive. I would normally just wear a strapless bra, but the back of this top is also really low so it would show.
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There are low-back and backless halter bras. See this bustle article with a lot of different types.
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I would play up the fact that the bra is showing and find a lacy bra(lette) or one with interesting straps.
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There are halter bras. The top has a low enough back that you may be stuck with a band showing, but you might find ways around that.

From that Bustle article (which I'd found at the same time), there's an adjustable halter/backless bra; it's no longer available at Amazon, but I found it at another shop - but they don't have 36DD. (38C may be the closest to your size.)

This convertible push-up bra may also have the right strap options.
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This one might be low enough. Or this.
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I just purchased a low back bra converter for that purpose. It attaches to my regular bra to lower the straps. Here is an example. There are different ones based on the number of hooks on the bra.
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If it's a close fitting top, as it appears, perhaps you can have a tailor sew cups into it, and skip wearing a separate bra altogether.
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Thank you everyone! I am an amateur home sewist and I'm going to try annieb's suggestion. Crossing my fingers that it will work.
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