Steam games (Dota 2) got uninstalled and won’t update
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Once I was up for gaming i realized that the games got uninstalled and i couldn’t keep them running anymore. I have tried: -restarting pc -restarting steam -clearing the cache -changing server location -deleded files containing 570 -unticking everything in DLC but Dota -putting the band width to “unlimited”. It starts loading until maybe20-40 minutes nothing and then again., til max a few mins it starts updating a bit more sometimes. I tried being connected to different internet accounts, nothing helped. What else can I do to make it work? Any tips left? I can’t afford the new computer plus this one was running Dota 2 (my main game) smoothly til now. Thanks in advance!
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If someone here can't help you, maybe post on the Steam Help forums with some screenshots? Are you able to download Dota 2 (but not update it)? Is this update problem happening with your other Steam games?

For now, I would just leave it to update in the background for a few hours. An update stalling for ~20 minutes is not uncommon; I haven't run into 40+ minutes though (though nowadays I only play light games).
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Also, maybe run a speed test to check how fast your internet is.
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It's annoying, but have you tried uninstalling steam, manually checking there's no files left in /steamapps/common etc, and then starting again from scratch? I'd probably try and run Ccleaner and do a bunch of the cache-clearing stuff you've mentioned too, then once I was confident that there was no trace of the previous install, reinstalling steam and trying to download and update Dota 2.
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