Looking for meat stew recipes for pressure or slow cooker.
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I love chili. I am looking for similar hearty and meaty stews from any and all cultures that satisfy similarly. I have an instant pot which can act as a pressure cooker or a slow cooker, so I'd prefer recipes tailored to those cooking vessels.
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I love this green chili with chicken.
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Korean Short Ribs. There are a lot of other recipes there that will do the trick. It feels stew-y to me.
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Beef Daube

Would work just as fine in a slow cooker as an oven.
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I cannot WAIT for it to be fall again so I can constantly make West African Groundnut Stew and this similar Peanut Sweet Potato stew, which you can make with meat of your choice and doesn't require an Instant Pot but I always make mine in it because it's convenient and consistent.

I haven't made it yet but everyone in my little Instant Pot FB group raves about this Zuppa Toscana.
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"Smothered Lamb (or Pork or Beef)" from Madhur Jaffrey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking

It's also a good cookbook generally, and a lot of the recipes use a pressure cooker.
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I feel like a monomaniac on here with my repeated recommendations of the Serious Eats chicken, bacon, and lentil stew, but seriously it is just so fucking good.
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Add salt pork, diced into 1/2” cubes to any vegetarian or meat recipe for big meaty boost in terms of flavor, and a small meaty salt/fat/protein boost to nutrition, assuming you make a big batch.
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All of the meaty recipes here are probably fantastic. I can personally vouch for the chicken/lentil/bacon stew; the green chili; the chicken/chickpeas/chorizo; and the black bean & chicken.
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Hi. I have 2 separate, but similar, recipes for Pork and Beef. I LOVE cold weather stew recipes. The Beef recipe is based on the Pork recipe I found online. I do the Pork from memory in my IP now, I’ll give you my best memory of it. Do not add more red wine vinegar EVER no matter how many lbs of pork you have, ditto the beef and water - it really is perfect. You only need a 2 tbl spoons of liquid for a pressure cooker to work. Trust.


3 tbl spoons Red Wine Vinegar
Garlic (powder or fresh)
Salt & Pepper

Timed 90 min IP, or 8 hrs slow cooker. Amounts of spices are sufficient for whatever amount of meat you have, just guess. It will be fantastic.

Perfect Beef Stew

2.5 lbs Stew Meat
1/2 Can Tomato Paste
3 tbl of water
1 onion chopped
s & p
healthy dash of smoked or regular paprika
healthy dash tumeric

90 min pressure or 8 hrs slow cooker.


It’s a science and these are my best results. The meat gives off so much moisture, omit the water from the beef if you are slow cooking.

IP 90 min
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Hachee (pronounced haah-shay), a traditional Dutch beef stew.
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I make a Greek pork avgolemono stew in my Instant Pot that is very happy-making to the mouth and is a great use-case for inexpensive ingredients. I am struggling to find an online recipe that is even close. I think this is fairly close to the base ingredient list except I use celery instead of endive. I brown ~2.5 lbs of pork cubes (usually boneless pork loin--you can use boneless "country ribs" too, which have a bit more fat) in some olive oil. Then I add a whole head of celery or nearly so, cut into 1" chunks, a diced onion, a couple cloves minced garlic, a goodly amount of salt (I use about 1/2 tablespoon but that may be too much for some), ground pepper, a tablespoon of dried dill and about 1 cup of stock and let it pressure cook for 25 minutes. While it's stewing, whisk together 1/2 cup lemon juice and 3 egg yolks. Then after a quick release (people with more patience than me would probably do a NPR) temper the eggs by ladling about 1/4 cup of broth into them, whisking, then a bit more broth, whisking again, repeat several times (I usually do this in a 2 cup glass measuring cup and just keep adding until I get 2 cups of liquid) and then pour into the main pot and stir to combine. Serve over rice. So good, and such a fresh and bright contrast to many stew recipes.
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It's such a classic that it is almost banal, but I love bolognese sauce, both for pasta, in lasagna, and on toast. Or just eaten with a spoon. Daniel Gritzer's recipe is the sauce of my dreams, it is a normal stove-top recipe but easily adaptable to pressure cooker.
I wrote how I did it in the comments section: As I said above, I make lasagna every fortnight, and today I was home late and used the pressure cooker for the bolognese. It worked fine, actually maybe even better than in the dutch oven (if you ask my little tasters). It was 30 mins under pressure and a slow release, if you want to try it. I added the cream and most of the seasoning after the release and gave the whole sauce an extra 10 mins after that. It was delicious.
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This recipe for turkey pumpkin chili saved Thanksgiving a few years ago when my wife broke both her arms and I was left to do the cooking. It has become a fall/winter favorite at our house.
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Get a chuck roast or pork shoulder, the more connective tissue and gristle the better. Pour a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup over top. You can use a bed of sliced onions, maybe celery. Throw in a bunch of garlic.

For a twist, you can add curry powder.

Slow cook on low (or on modern slow cookers, on keep warm) for 8-10-12 hours (depending on how big of a chunk of meat). Add black pepper to taste. Use a big fork and pull the meat or make thick slices cross-grain.

It's versatile; you can top toast or pasta or rice with it. Or use it as a sandwich filling.

If you want to go upscale, beef cheeks (or beef tongue!) are amazing.
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I see that The corpse in the library already mentioned Serious Eats' chile verde, but if you prefer pork to chicken, their easy pressure cooker pork chile verde is amazing and super easy (if you have a blender, food processor, food mill, something), and super fast (30 mins at pressure). It all pretty much gets thrown in, then the meat removed, the sauce blended and the meat put back. I've made the not-pressure-cooker version and while I think it does taste better, the work:taste ratio of the first recipe I linked wins hands down.
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All right, I made the Serious Eats pressure cooker pork chile verde and am chiming back in to give it the thumbs up.
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Late to the stew party, but we're making this (again) tonight, and I highly recommend it: Umami Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff by Amy + Jacky.

I find that some pressure cooker recipes can turn out a little one-note compared to dishes stewed over hours, but this recipe really builds the flavors up into a pleasingly complex creation, and it comes out so very delicious!

(We have a problem finding fish sauce easily available, so I dissolve some anchovy paste in a tablespoon of water, in case anyone else has the same problem. Also, rather than mince or slice the garlic, which I've read renders them almost tasteless in pressure cooker recipes, I just peel and lightly smash them with the back of my knife.)
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