the perfect Seattle hotel in September?
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What's going on in Seattle the week of 9/10? I can't seem to find a hotel, or one that doesn't cost $600/night. Any suggestions for a place that's good for two adults and a baby? Mostly for mosey-ing around and eating at good food places.

I've even tried AirBnB but nothing pops up that I would want to let my child stay in. Looking for 9/12-9/14 specifically.
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My wife and I stayed in the Westin downtown with our baby several years ago and it worked very well. The rooms are big enough to comfortably accommodate a crib, which the hotel provided. It looks like the rates for that week are ~$400, which seems to me higher than "normal" for this type of property, but perhaps it is a high demand week.
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I’ve stayed at the La Quinta in Seattle before and it was perfectly fine. Looks like a room for those dates is about $300 a night—which like Mid said about the Westin, seems higher than normal, but something must be going on.
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I stayed in the marriott waterfront before at a previous job. Good location but rather tired building and the breakfast was really unhealthy fried / sugary junk. I mean it was fine but apparently cost 400 a night plus taxes which seems expensive for what it was.
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So a ton of stuff happens at the same time labor day weekend in seattle: PAX (video game convention), Bumbershoot (music festival), and numerous other events. you may be seeing things related to that. Seattle hotels in general are somewhat expensive. another option is stay in either Redmond, Kirkland, or Bellevue on the east side, and take a bus downtown.

tangent: general seattle travel advice: life is too short for starbucks, be sure to check out indie coffee houses like bedlam or monorail coffee, avoid 3rd avenue, anyone stopping you on the street is trying to hustle or scam you, downtown streets are mostly alphabetical, the streets slope to the waterfront, parking is more expensive the closer you want to be to somewhere interesting, but parking is free on sundays, the weather isn't as bad as you think, I enjoy Tom Douglas restaurants, the art museum is great.
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I live in Seattle and a lot of airbnbs don't do 2 nights.
What neighborhood are you looking in?

A good Seattle tip is to stay in a neighborhood rather than downtown. I'd try Ballard and Greenlake first.
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Here's something in Ballard, another near the zoo and Green Lake, and another near the zoo, this one might be too close to the highway, (I did a quick search).
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Thanks so much everyone! Sigh, yes I also felt like the available downtown hotels were $100 or more than I expected! Good to hear the feedback.

k8t you're amazing, thanks. We're not looking at any neighborhoods in particular, we've done most touristy Seattle things before so just looking to have a relaxing time with our baby this time.

I tried looking at hotels outside the downtown area, like in Ballard, but they don't seem to exist? Looks like Airbnb might be the only way to go. Though some of the cheaper ones seems suspect.
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The hotels outside of downtown don't really exist much or are brothels in particular areas. If you want to stay near the university, I can give you a few names.
Those cheaper airbnbs other than the one that I said was close to the highway don't seem suspect to me but I'd read the reviews. I live in the general vicinity and put family in airbnbs for that price regularly.
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We just stayed at the Ballard Inn Tuesday night. It was fine. I booked it through, and it was about $150ish.
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The Seattle Design Festival is happening during that week, which may be one factor driving up hotel rates. But, if you're interested, it may provide you with something neat to do!
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I've stayed at the Sheraton near Pike Place. Super walkable.
Seems to be a room with two double beds for $319
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I've stayed at the Hampton Inn near the Space Needle, which has kitchenettes and is near a qfc market.
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Seattle hotels are crazy expensive in the summer (which includes September) because it’s basically the 10 weeks all tourists come here, including cruise ship tourists.

Anyways, if you’re looking for good airbnb neighborhoods, I suggest my area of Columbia City, Beacon Hill, Mount Baker (South Seattle). My parents have rented Airbnbs here over the last few summers for around $100-150/night. It’s a “neighborhoody” area but close to a lot of stuff and on the light rail.

Otherwise, I’d suggest trying Hotwire for hotels. I’ve had good luck with it in high-demand/cost cities. Just make sure you set up good filters (I stick with 4 Star or above for Hotwire so I don’t get stuck with a shady old hotel that’s trying to pretend it’s “boutique”).
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Yes, Hotwire is good if you just want to pick an area but don't care about the exact hotel or location. Looks like they have rates starting about $160 per night downtown over that period.
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