Can I Fix This Lamp?
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I have a mid century lamp that is not functioning. The switch knob will not turn any more. I would like to replace the switch/socket, but I can't see a way to get the old mechanism out and get a new mechanism in, as the knob will not come out.

Photos of the lamp and switch. Is there a trick that I'm missing for getting the switch and socket out?
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First, remove the glass shade to prevent accidents.
The knob should unscrew.
There is a threaded rod running up through the entire lamp. Usually, if you loosen the nut under the base it will loosen everything up so you can unscrew the switch socket. They are readily available at home depot, etc.
This is a good time to replace the wiring, if it needs it.
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The knob is a left-handed thread. You will need to turn it counterclockwise to unscrew it from the switch. It is designed that way so the normal action (clockwise) will keep the knob tight.

Then unscrew the threaded rod as H21 said. Sometimes the lamp parts will unscrew by hand. Or you may need to apply a wrench or pliers to the nut in the center of the base.
The cord may try to twist up in the tube as you unscrew it. Just lay it out in a straight line and allow it to turn.
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