Help me remember a movie/tv show!
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An older, possibly powerful gentleman is asking a subordinate to explain something. They answer with something along the lines of " sir. I am not able to." Crestfallen but realizing the betrayal, he answers "The fact that you can't explain....explains everything". Probably not the exact words, but that's the gist. The man is Ian McDiarmid-ish in my memory, and it may be television rather than a movie. I've tried Google and I suspect this is probably a well known film, but it is currently eluding me...
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The Prisoner, "It's Your Funeral", season 1 episode 10:

00:37:39,250 --> 00:37:39,250
The fact that you won't explain explains everything.
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yes! Be seeing you.
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Darn! I knew this one the minute I read the question as well!
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