Dim Sum and Izakaya in San Francisco
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Meeting with friends in San Francisco this Sunday. None of us have been there in many years. The four of us would like to have a Dim Sum brunch to start the day and then finish up with some nice Izakaya style dinner. Though Sushi would also be fine if there's no good Izakaya options.

Ideally we'd find Dim Sum that includes a good variety of both steamed and fried dishes. Extra bonus points for Xiao Long Bao! We realize Dim Sum comes with lines and wait times.

For Izakaya it'd be great to know if we should make reservations since it's a holiday weekend. If there's no great Izakaya options then a straight up Sushi place would be fine too. We haven't seen each other in a very long time so a nice atmosphere where you enjoy hanging out and aren't being rushed out would desirable.
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For izakaya, I like Rintaro. Delicious and charming. I've only eaten at the bar, but it's fun to watch them work. Reservations are a good idea...I haven't tried to go there without.
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Xiao Long Bao: Shanghai Dumpling King
Dim Sum: Hong Long Lounge (1 or 2), Good Luck Dim Sum
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Previous SF dim sum thread for reference.

Yank Sing is rather expensive and more touristy in terms of clientele, but it's super fresh and reliably good and a good spot for a special meal. They take reservations, which you'll want on a holiday Sunday.

I also like Hong Kong Lounge #2, Great Eastern, and Dragon Beaux.

As a public service announcement: if your meeting up involves transbay public transit, note that BART service between the East Bay and SF will involve a bus connection this weekend. It was rather a slow mess last time.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recs so far.

Rintaro is unfortunately fully booked. If anybody has recommendations for straight-up Sushi places that would also be an option for us if Izakaya is slim pickings for this Sunday. Might even be a saner choice if we start the day with a big dim sum brunch.
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If you hit City View (on Commercial St) for dim sum before 10:30am you can most likely walk right in -- great variety, not as pricey as Yank Sing, and everything comes around on carts (which is not a requirement, but I like it). Izakaya Sozai out here in the Sunset is great, and Izakaya Kou on Fillmore is totally decent as well.
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Yes, seconding Izakaya Sozai!
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Lai Hong Lounge in Chinatown (more old school) or Dragon Beaux in Richmond District. Dragon Beaux is owned by Koi Palace veterans. Expect long lines at Dragon Beaux, unless you get there to be first in line when they open. Avoid Yank Sing. City View is decent.

For izakayas, I would recommend Yuzuki in Mission District, Nihon Whiskey Lounge in Mission District.
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Depending on your budget, I had one of my best meals at Pabu doing omakase. Seems like Izakaya is in their name as well.
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It's not the best Dim Sum, but Hang Ah is supposibly the oldest Dim Sum restaurant in SF and is worth popping by for a snack if you're walking around Chinatown/FD.
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