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Are there any avenues for selling unused hair products online?

Back in the day I used to spend a bit of time in the LiveJournal fatshionista community, which was linked to an LJ group that functioned as a space for people to buy and sell clothes; I bought a few second hand pieces there and unloaded about seven eshakti dresses that didn't fit me right.

Are there any such spaces for selling unused hair products? I have two jars of a blue color-depositing conditioner that are completely unopened and unused and I have no intention of using them. Throwing them away seems wasteful both financially and practically; surely someone out there likes this product and would be happy to have it? I wouldn't be trying to turn a profit, just trying to get this stuff out of my already crowded bathroom cabinet without a total loss.

If anyone knows of any such spaces online where this is possible I would love to hear it. Or, if this doesn't exist, that's cool too. I'll live.

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I use Poshmark to buy and sell clothes and accessories all the time (as a former fatshionista member myself you might also dig it for those purposes), and after doing a quick search I see that people also sell unused hair products on there.
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I'm sure there are are local FB or IG groups that do this if you live in a decent sized city or town. My local Buy Nothing group sometimes has these type of products listed, but that's of course for free and also even though people may be willing to take items off your hands they are not necessarily a community that is particularly looking for upscale items (sometimes sharing things is more fun with a community that really appreciates a special item).
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Another fatshionista alum! There are buy and sell groups on FB that function similarly to fatshionista... you don't have to necessarily find local buyers. Here's one for example. I'm not a member, I just searched for groups on FB. I generally look for groups that are well moderated with clear rules. The nice thing about these is no fees (ala Poshmark or eBay) are taken out.
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Women's shelters usually happily accept bodycare products. An upscale product may be be a real mood lifter.
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