More like Kermode?
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I'm looking for Youtube channels that are like Kermode and Mayo: relatively quiet, thoughtful, avuncular/"aunticular" discussions of current media. What I don't want is the longform hot take that comes months afterwards (FilmJoy, Every Frame a Painting, Lessons from a Screenplay, Lindsay Ellis, etc.). I like many of those, but I want quiet, thoughtful, quick, and topical reviews.
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Here's the K&M youtube channel, by the way.
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I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for you, some of those things you are asking for seem to be in opposition with other elements.
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NB: the female version of avuncular appears to be materteral.
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Yeah, but when even the OED describes a word as 'humorously pedantic' and has one citation from 1823 for it, it is too pedantic and obscure even for me.

Basically I just want the Eberts (even when he yelled at Siskel, it was decidedly less yell-y than a lot of today's critics) and Amal El-Mohtars (although she only writes reviews) of Youtube. More KatiePuckrick (perfume, defunct), less "youtuber with the word 'angry' in his username". Less Comic Book Guy "worst ever", more "disappointing because of X, Y, and Z".
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Do you listen to the Kermode and Mayo podcast, Wittertainment, or at least catch them on the air on Fivelive? How married are you to youtube being the medium for consumption? Mark has a couple of low-traffic spinoff podcasts as well.

Hello to Jason Isaacs
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