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I’m looking for a downloadable version of the 1929 film The Last Command. It’s only available as a WMV file, OGG, or a torrent, and I need it in an iMovie-compatible format. Alternately, I’m looking for a non-scammy WMV-to-MOV converter that will work for a two-hour movie. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: Internet Archive has an mp4 version which should work.
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Or see this article for a good set of video converters.
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ffmpeg is a command-line tool that's the gold standard for video conversion software. If you're on a Mac and haven't used command-line tools before, I'd install Homebrew first, and then use Homebrew to install ffmpeg.
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If you're on a Mac, Handbrake is a great, free transcoder that will let you do conversions very easily.
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WinFF is a Windows gui version of ffmpeg. It has some very useful presets and things. I usually use it to strip the audio from videos, but it can also do video conversion pretty easily, as I have done sometimes to get videos onto an old ipod.
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