Women's loafer dupe?
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I'm looking for a black women's loafer that's similar in style to the Everlane Modern Loafer--especially with regard to the tan sole--but 1) significantly less expensive and 2) preferably faux leather.

My budget is $60 max, and these shoes are reselling on ebay for more than that. Aside from the general shape of the loafer, my favorite part is the stacked heel/differently-toned sole. I want to be able to wear it in the Seattle winter, so mules/slides are out. Any suggestions?
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That price limit is tricky...I did see these Gap loafers the other day (not vegan, sadly). The pink version has a wood-like heel- maybe you could dye the upper black.
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Not quite exact, but:


I'd also check out Target as fall gets closer. They've been duping a lot of Madewell/Everlane stuff and their shoes are surprisingly comfortable and usually non-leather.
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I have these, black upper with tan wooden sole, which I quite like and are pretty similar to the Madewell ones. Worth every penny of the $50 I paid for them, and they look much richer than I expected in person.

the website says suede/leather upper, but it doesn't feel like real leather--maybe if you called they could confirm for you?
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This doesn't have the wooden sole, but...
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Not vegan. $50.
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