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I'm going to a beer tasting festival in Vermont this weekend for a few days. I want to get some gifts for the hostesses, but I'm not sure what to get...

Staying for a few days in house with a large group of people, most of whom I don't know (I think we're all in our 30s but not sure). Everything is being organized by two women - one is a close friend of mine, the other I've never met before. I'd like to get each of them a hostess gift. I'll be paying for my share of the condo and the grocery bill, but they are planning everything and doing the grocery shopping. It should be a fun and casual weekend so I'm trying to think of gifts that won't just get eaten / drunk by all the other guests. Any ideas? Thanks :-)
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I like the idea of getting a fun, quirky bottle opener. At parties, it's always helpful to have more than one. You could do that, and tie it around a nice chocolate bar. That's small enough that they probably won't need to share it with the party, but they can if they want.
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Could you send them something edible afterwards?

Or a gift certificate to a restaurant that's local to them?
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We received a beer flight glassware set that we really like. That might be a fun gift, given the occasion!
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All good ideas so far, thanks! Just wanted to add that since I'll be meeting one of these people for the first time, I have no idea where they live. I could ask my friend but I'd rather she'd be surprised if I get them something along the same theme, if that makes sense. I would love to bring something that they can open there because I'll be meeting them for the first time.
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How about a nice bath/body set, e.g. from Burt's Bees, Lush, etc. Things like lip balm and lotion is always useful, especially when traveling out of town. You can throw in things like a sleep mask, decorative hand towel, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
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If they are beer fans and you live somewhere they don't (and they're not flying), a tasting glass from someplace really nice/cool/funky in your area might be nifty.
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Where are you from and what foods are local to your area? I’ve never been sad about getting candy, coffee, salsa or maple syrup as a gift. Or cheese. If there is a local place that makes specialty food stuffs near you that would be my go to.
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If it's a beer event, then how about pretzels (if your area has enough Germans), or other boozy food that's made local to you (hard cheeses, antipasto-type stuff, etc.)?

Though I do like a flight board and three small glasses, or a (half-)pint glass for each of the two of them that says "Hostess" or "House beer" or something fun to use at the house.

During the event, maybe a small notebook with a tiny pen (Zebra or Fisher Bullet or Fisher Stowaway) to record tasting notes?
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How about witty or pretty coasters?
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If you live near a fun kitchen store, you might find some little cool items there. You might even find something specific to your area (cutting boards shaped like my state are big here). Depending on price, you could get a few small things.

Searching Amazon, I did find a beer-themed tea towel.
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Speaking of cutting boards, a bamboo cutting board shaped like Vermont might be a nice reminder of the trip.
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Yeti tumblers in different colors
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Thanks everyone - these are all great ideas! I ended up going with stainless steel tumblers that I am going to fill with some goodies (lip balm, face masks, Kind bars, etc).
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