How to measure for a child's suit jacket
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My son wants to wear a suit jacket in a jazzy color for an upcoming wedding, so I'm looking at buying an inexpensive one online. How do I measure to ensure the right fit? Apart from the shoulders/chest measurement, he has a bit of a belly and I want to make sure it buttons and looks nice. Further, what style looks best on a Pooh Bear physique?
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Boys's suit jackets often come in husky sizes, which may help with the belly issue. Most sites will have a size chart to show you the body measurements and checking the reviews will help when selecting a size.
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Maybe go and try some on to get the right size, and then order based on that size. Note the fit type (slim, 3 button, double breast etc)
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For something like this, where he'll only wear it a couple of times, it's probably better to buy used. If you have a children's clothing reseller (e.g., Once Upon a Child) nearby, just go and see what they have. There's no real guilt about not buying from a place like that (since the stock is so variable, you can just say you didn't find what you wanted), so if nothing else, you can just try some on to get an idea of size and then go home and order online.
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How old is your son/what size is he?
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If you get a regular white suit jacket that fits, you could just dye it with rit dye in the washing machine.... might be an easier route.
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