Vegetarian dinner after the U.S. Open
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What are your favorite, vegetarian-friendly dinner options along the 7 train in NYC?

I'm heading to the U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows this week, and am looking for your favorite vegetarian-friendly dinner options. Any type of cuisine is welcome, so long as it's within walking distance of a 7 train stop in Queens.
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Stop in Jackson Heights Queens for Delicious Indian food?
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To clarify, I am looking for specific restaurant recommendations so that I'm not just relying on Yelp.
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If you want to come to Jackson Heights, there's Samudra, a great vegetarian dosa place on 37th Avenue between 75th and 76th street. Maybe a 30 minute ride from Flushing. If you'd prefer to stay in Flushing, I would highly recommend Hunan Kitchen on Main Street. It's not a vegetarian restaurant, but it has vegetarian options, many of which I've had and really liked. (Caveat: I'm not a vegetarian.) It's a bit of walk from the Main Street Flushing stop, maybe 15 minutes, but totally worth it.
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Oh, one more I thought of: Fu Run in Flushing. Also not strictly vegetarian, but many vegetarian options (try the Pine Nut and Baby Corn), and the food is to die for, as is the service. It's not on Main Street, but it's a pretty short walk from the Main Street 7 stop.
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Tortilleria Nixtamal is delicious (I've eaten both veg and non-veg stuff there), and you can check their vegetarian options on the menu. They're close to the 103rd St stop or a half hour walk from the stadium.
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(Nixtamal is also small and popular so there's some risk of a long wait for a table.)
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(My husband informs me that Hunan Kitchen is more like a five to ten minute walk from the 7 stop at Main Street, not 15 minutes.)

One more and then I swear I'll stop: I'll throw in the venerable SriPraPhai, a five-minute walk from either the 61st Street or the 69th Streets 7 stop in Woodside, depending on which way you're traveling.
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Seconding Nixtamal: one of my favorites! I also like Thai Son for Vietnamese food, off 74th St, and SriPraPhai, though I don't think I've had too much vegetarian stuff there.
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I'm vegan and I had a great meal at SriPraPhai recently. They have lots of options.
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Hooray for the 7 train!

You can easily eat all week/year in Flushing -- I recommend going to the basement of the New World Mall and just grabbing whatever strikes your eye. Lots of vegetarian dumplings and vegetarian hand-pulled noodles. Dumpling Galaxy is also nearby and has lots of great veggie options. Hyderabadi Biryani is Indian food in Flushing and is supposed to be good, with veg options. And definitely go to Temple Canteen, in the basement of a Hindu temple. Hours are a little weird and it's a little ways from the subway but it's amazing, all vegetarian (I think?) and made with lots of love.

Further in, on 74th Street, you have lots of Indian and Nepalese options, as mentioned above. Lali Guras, Mustang Thakali Kitchen, and Lhasa Fast Food are good Nepalese options and all seem to have some good veg options. Walking a few blocks southeast of the 7 train you get great Malaysian -- Pulau Pinang seems to have veggie stuff. There's also great Thai food all around there, but that's trickier if you don't eat fish sauce. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by Patel Brothers, it's a fun spice store just to browse around!
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