Please help me find my exercise mojo again
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It's hot and humid and I'm bored with my music and my leg hurts and I hate everything right now, except ice cream and cookie dough. Please help refresh my fitness life and help me find my exercise mojo again!

I normally love being outside, but it's disgustingly hot and humid, and I get reverse SAD in summer. It's miserable. I am having some mild leg pain that I think is IT band related, so running is off the table for a little while. My playlists and songs are old and stale and completely unmotivating.

I don't want to spend a ton of money for some boutique studio classes, but have access to a couple of well stocked gyms and equipment. I am desperately in need of some new things to try, songs, apps, equipment, etc so I don't self soothe my summer depression with more ice cream. Please help me refresh my fitness!
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Do you like to dance? The Fitness Marshall's videos are so fun! I love his personality, and he picks really funs songs. It's great cardio!
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FYI I have 100% refreshed my exercise mojo by...figure skating. I went once to an open skate, and then started the adult beginner lessons. It is SO. MUCH. FUN. And ****it's air conditioned*** in there. All my dread about summer exercise is gone because I walk inside and it's damn chilly. Wonderful!

It's great cardio, and despite the fact that I, a pretty out-of-shape person in their early 50s, have a bunch of injuries and longstanding aches & pains, I have found that none of it is exacerbated by ice skating. You will fall down far fewer times than you think you will. I think I've fallen 4 times in a year. Aside from those falls, it's super low-impact.

Depending on the rinks near you, you may spend around $10-15 for an open skate entrance + skate rental. If you enjoy it at all, the one thing to spend money on is a pair of skates of your own. Cheap basic skates are totally fine, and around $120. They will last you forever, or if you truly become a dedicated skater you can purchase better skates down the line.
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Since you want to be "refreshed", what about swimming?
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If the gyms you have access to have cardio equipment, two low impact ideas are either walking (not running, just walking) on the treadmill or cycling while also listening to podcasts. I find that listening to a good podcast captures my attention enough to keep the walking/cycling from getting boring. Also nthing swimming if either gym has a pool. If they offer water aerobics classes, that's worth checking out as well.
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I fell in love with archery, and that in turn got me into getting more fit in general so I can do better at the range. Beginner's classes usually aren't very expensive, and at least at the range I go to you don't have to get more than a few bucks of gear for them (you borrow their stuff).
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Indoor bouldering fixed my exercise malaise this summer! As a bonus it's easier and more fun when your strength to weight ratio improves, so extra motivation to put down the spoon. It can be pricey but rock gyms frequently have Groupons or introductory deals so check around.
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I so completely hear you on reverse SAD. Hot weather kills my mojo, my libido, and my critical thinking skills. And if you're anywhere above your ideal weight, Running While Fat (my term) is even more ugh hot.

So: swimming. Seriously, if you can get to a pool, do it. Even if it's just get some flippers and a snorkel and kick a bunch of laps.
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Seconding the low-impact w/podcasts idea. After a few weeks: a) the weather might be cooler b) your leg might feel better c) you might be less bored with your workout music and/or d) you might've discovered new music. You probably won't get the same cardio benefit as you would from exercising to music, but it'll keep you in the habit of exercising.
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What kind of music do you like? I make a ton of playlists and could probably recommend some!
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I've been getting into axe throwing (at Urban Axes Baltimore) and there might be a place near you that has it available. There's two big organizations in the US that cover locations: NATF and WATL. It's not super cardio, but it definitely works your upper body and core.
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This video is aimed at older people (sort of), but boy, that first sentence alone is enough to motivate me when I need it.
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