Adhesives to repair a convertible window?
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My girlfriend has a 2002 Audi TT convertible. The rear window has come undone and I'm trying to repair it. Which adhesives do I need to use?

I've read to use 3M Windo Weld (in a caulk tube) to adhere rear facing side of the window to the opening. I've also been told to use a ribbon version of Windo Weld. Is one preferred over the other?

On the inside there are some canvas flaps, I think to help support it properly and bolster the weather proof qualities) that attach to the interior face of the window. Which adhesive should I use for those flaps? I was told to use a clear curing adhesive that's more flexible. Is this a spray adhesive or another paste/caulk adhesive? What have you used?
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I just repaired a friend's mk2 TT rear window with the liquid type 3M Windo Weld. Tips:
- slightly pop the convertible top to release tension on the fabric/glass interface, and leave it this way overnight to cure
- remove any loose old adhesive and debris in the glue area. I used a mild acetone/IPA solution.
- do a dry fit to ensure the glass will align, and work from the still-attached zone (if any).
- use strips of gaff tape to hold the glass in place until cured. Remove from outside in.
- trim any excess with a sharp blade after cure.

Not sure if you'd be able to apply sufficient pressure to the butyl ribbon stuff, but if so it may be a cleaner install. It's tricky because other than dozens of very strong magnets we couldn't think of a good way to clamp the interface. Their car didn't have the interior canvas flaps (or they didn't need repair) so I can't comment on that.
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MX5 owner here. Assuming vinyl material, the go-to is vinyl 'welding' here. No adhesive works for more than a short time. Window failures are general considered fatal and a replacement top the only viable solution, but your application may be sufficiently different for welding/adhesive to work (I am not familiar with the Audi tops). BTW, we would consider 16 years to be a great life for a top.
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