How do you car insurance if you deliver?
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If you work for a place that delivers stuff (food or other items) and you use your own car, and the business does not offer auto insurance (and will not, so please don't worry about replies in that vein)- what do you do?

Regular personal auto coverage does not apply if anything occurs while you're driving to or from a delivery function. I see info on Commercial Policies but they all seem to assume the person is a company.

How does Joe Random Person who is just a common delivery driver (and not a company) handle this? Do you add to your personal policy? Or do you have to get a wholly separate policy? (Ohio, US location)
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Your employer is likely dodging this legally.

Call your insurance agent and ask how to get appropriately covered. Here’s a good outline as to why, and sort of how. But basically, your employer should be covering this. If they’re not, they’re probably cutting corners elsewhere, and could be a red flag for you.
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You can get a commercial policy as an individual. Check your mefi mail.
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A commercial use provision was preemptively offered to me when I was getting insurance quotes for comparison. I didn't even need to ask even though it didn't apply to me.
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