Puzzling puzzles!
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I came across a website (which may or may not have been linked from AskMeFi)- it was the equivalent of a puzzle magazine, but with harder more puzzley puzzles.

It seemed to be a subscription model, with new questions periodically (monthly perhaps) and then after it has been posted awhile, the answers would be posted. There might have been some small competitions to be the first to get everything correct.

I was with a bunch of puzzle/trivia/game lovers over the weekend, and I think they'd all love it, and I can't put my mouse on the right link!
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First thing that comes to mind is The Master Theorem. It's been mostly defunct for a while, so there's no NEW content, but the old puzzles are still there.
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Was it Joon Pahk's Outside the Box Puzzles?

RIP Guess My Word
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I think you're talking about P&A Magazine (Pandamag)!
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Thank you! Pandamag for the win!
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