Looking for a new bicycle helmet
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I'm looking for a new bicycle helmet with some specific requirements - mainly for mounting safety lights.

I have an old Bell Citi helmet, which must be 10+ years old. I'd like to replace it, but I am very attached (har) to the way that I have attached blinky lights to the front and back of the helmet. Pictures here.

For the front light, I need the holes in the helmet to run down the center and a "bar" in between the holes to wrap the Knog light (or something similar). This light is perfectly placed partway up the helmet but not on the very top - I can aim it right at a driver making a turn across my path (for example) by turning my head (it is a small blinker that gets attention, not blinding). The helmet that the Wirecutter recommends, the Specialized Echelon II, seems to not have the right hole pattern for this type of mount.

For the back light, the Bell Citi has this great "bracket" that you can use to slip in a tail-light with a clip. I have seen other systems, like a velcro loop, that you can use for the back light, though these seem a little less ideal.

This is mainly for everyday work commuting, temperatures ~30-90F, so would prefer something medium ventilated (like the Citi), not super ventilated (I will freeze) or "snowboard/skate style."

Any suggestions for a good all-around helmet that would accommodate lights like these? I think I am not interested in helmets with integrated lights - easier to replace a $10 light than a ~$80 helmet if something rattles and breaks. I'll have it many years so not too worried about price if it is worth it.
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If $80 is your price range, this CatLike MTB helmet doesn't fit, but it has brackets built-in for lights front & back. A good clip for the rear,, but its not clear if your existing front light would fit. I personally wear road helmets, so can't comment on comfort etc.
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Thanks - would spend more than $80 if it is good, was just using an arbitrary figure.
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Abus' Urban-I might work: it has an integrated rear LED and a cross bar in the front.
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The Bell Draft MIPS seems to have a bar where you want it. (I can't speak 100% to it as I have a cousin of this helmet which has a slightly different vent arrangement.) $60

It also scored moderately well on Virginia Tech's initial round of helmet testing.
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