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Hi MeFi, You've come through for me so many times! Maybe you can help again... I read a book a few years ago. It was a little book, short, too, with chapters on being thankful for (or at least praising) everyday things. I remember specifically there was a chapter on how wonderful baths are, and another on morning coffee. These were short little chapters, essays really. They were like odes to life's small pleasures. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what the book was called. I read it at a friend's house so never owned it myself. Online Google searches aren't being especially helpful, but probably because I can't remember too many details other than the ones I gave. It was maybe a yellow cover? Help? Thank you!
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Was it one of the hygge books?
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How short is short? Lou Carol Franklin's "Thank God I Can Scratch My Nose: Being Thankful for the Little Things" from 2010 clocks in at 64 pages, and has a yellow cover.
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'Froth on the Cappuccino: How Small Pleasures Can Save Your Life' by Maeve Haran?
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The Small Pleasures of Life?
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Could it have been The Book of Awesome? By Neil Pasricha, expert of appreciating the little joys in life. The book came from his blog, 1000 Awesome Things, and there's a second book called The Book of (Even More) Awesome, which sometimes has a yellow cover.
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Maybe Endangered Pleasures by Barbara Holland?
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Personal Pleasures by Rose Macaulay
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Sounds a little like "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and its all Small Stuff" to me.
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