Melody playing while Musgrave talks about suicide in Burns' Vietnam?
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In Episode 8 of The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns, veteran John Musgrave talks about his evolving views on the war and contemplating suicide. From 1:23:51 to 1:25:05, a haunting, familiar tune is played by piano. It's on the tip of my tongue (ear?), but I can't place it. Can anyone identify this tune/melody/song and any other version(s)? Thanks!
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Here are the soundtrack credits for that episode from IMDB.
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Looks like this is the best bet for a piano instrumental from that list:

With God on Our Side
Written by Bob Dylan
Published by Special Rider Music
Performed by David Cieri
Courtesy of The Vietnam Film Project, LLC
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Yeah, that is very definitely "With God on Our Side". You can hear the melody line of the refrain right before "Richard Nixon's troop withdrawals ..."
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Thank you very much!!
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