Chrome displays links from a Favorite Bar with links that go no where
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If I go to any website using chrome and then link to the subject I want to see it gives me page after page of links that go no where. At the very end it will show the link I want . But if I use Edge browser it works as I expect it to work. What is wrong in my Chrome?
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You could have malware or a malfunctioning chrome extension. I'd suggest running malwarebytes and disabling your extensions to see if either of those fix the problem.
posted by belladonna at 11:39 AM on August 26, 2018

Thanks. I run Malwarebytes active all the time. And run it daily manually. I will check the extensions.
posted by JayRwv at 4:23 PM on August 26, 2018

Evidently it was my extensions. I deleted most of them and now it works correctly. I will add the extensions one at a time and recheck. So you solved my problem. And I thank you.
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Could be a broken extension, could be a browser hijacker.
Malwarebytes doesn't (always? usually?) catch browser hijackers. If the links seem to have a theme, it can clue you in on which hijacker you have. They've been a pain to get rid of the times I have had them, but it's doable.
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