Seeking therapist in the Atlanta area
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I'm looking for a talk therapist in the Atlanta area. Probably psychologist rather than psychiatrist. Can you recommend one?

No need for med prescription. I'm bipolar but episodes are rare and precipitated by extreme life stress. I'm also dealing now with a bout of cancer and complications from its treatment. I'm a 50 year old male, single, introverted. I don't do well with therapists who push too much to get patients out of their comfort zones--sometimes I find that can inadvertently trigger bipolar reactions.

It'd be nice if appointment times could fit around my job. Southern suburbs preferable to northern ones.
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Wanda Faurie. Wonderful!! Located near the corner of Ponce and Moreland. I’m in the car and don’t have her number on hand but Google. Very compassionate and great for finding new paths and tools to use. Best of luck!
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