Sturdy lampshade pulling apart at vertical seams. How to repair?
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I have a sturdy lampshade with a fabric and paper composition. It is pulling apart at the vertical seam. How should I repair this? Is this a job for epoxy or a glue gun and any clever tricks to apply pressure as it dries?
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Glue gun, and put it in it's side seam down and weight it with a rolling pin... but it will only take minutes to dry.
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Alternately: Papier-mâché
Some lamp shades will be easy to match the texture, others less so, but in that case you can coat the whole thing (inside or out) to get a newer, sturdier, slightly darker lamp shade.

Also unlike hot glue, you can do reconstructive work, if that ever comes up.
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If the joint sticks up: clothespins or binder clips.

If the joint sticks flush: magnets.

A glue gun may be overkill because of the mass and viscosity of it.
You might look at clear fabric glue to permeate the materials, and dry invisible.
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