Edward R Murrow
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I have heard that this quote or some variation of it; "People only care about what comes out of their speakers," was attributed to Edward R. Murrow. I have looked through several sources of his quotes and can't find it though some of his others could be interpreted to mean people's viewing and listening habits keep them comfortable and cloistered. Help me find who said this, or if it was said at all.
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When I worked in a radio station my boss used to say that. It was often said in relation to someone on the air at the station who didn’t sound good, but had been hired because they used to be on TV and people knew who they were (or so management thought), or who kept their jobs because they were getting sponsorships, even though they weren’t making a real connection with the audience.

Managers in radio rarely get it, but the listening audience responds well to people who can make a connection with them. Other considerations, including the kinds of things managers think should fly, often don’t make a difference. If a guy wrote a book, shilled pickles on television in the 90’s, or used to be a game show host on local TV, it won’t matter— if he just sucks on the air. Because the audience only cares about what comes out of the speakers.

I thought my boss originated it, but apparently not! I would also like to know where it came from.
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