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Please direct me to a blank downloadable promissory note/IOU form

My father is making a personal loan to a relative. He asked me to find a promissory note/IOU form that he can fill in himself and then, with the loanee, have notarized.

There are A LOT of free forms out there, but most of what I've found are 'fill then print' (something w/blank fields is preferred) or are just overly complex (e.g.- there will be no interest on this loan).

The legality of the form needn't be ironclad, I think it's meant to be almost symbolic.
(I know, he could do this through his bank or lawyer, but... he's not, and I'm not going to try to convince him otherwise.)
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Something like https://www.crfonline.org/orc/forms/form24.doc and put interest rate at 0%?

Or this one https://iou-template.pdffiller.com/ you can print it without filling in the fields.
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eForms has state-specific blanks (goes to Oregon's simplified version; use dropdown to pick the appropriate state), and yeah, he'd put the interest rate at 0%.
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Rocket Lawyer has one for free download, customizable by state.
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