you micro-solder and do motherboard repair, what's your field's askme?
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I am struggling to find the forum(s) where folks in the cell phone repair / pc repair / data recovery / soldering-and-fixing-tiny-electrical-things-really-well go to ask questions/get advice from others in their fields. Maybe I've just lost my touch, but my googling isn't getting me there. doesn't have to literally be a forum, could be an IRC channel or a discord server or a listserv.. any community type place that has a higher than average number of experienced experts and really serious learners.

take me to your tribe..

I have a phone i have to get data off of that is busted and there are two failure points. I have done a fair amount of studying up on the problems on my own and know the broad strokes of what is needed to fix it, however, i lack the years of actual practice that would grant one the manual dexterity and micro-soldering setup to do it myself.

I want to be well informed - particularly about one of the two failure points to do with replacing a teeny tiny CMOS battery - as I embark on selecting a tech to work with. the second failure point is relatively straight forward, and I *think* I found someone local with the setup to fix that, he inspired confidence regarding his ability to fix failure point 2. But re: the CMOS failure point, he was not so confidence-inspiring and gave me pause.

Alternatively, if you are out there reading this and this is your line of work and want a consulting gig, feel free to memail me. A phone call would probably sort this much more efficiently than a forum post..

or, if you have had a really good experience with someone who does this sort of work anywhere in the US that you can recommend, who is a ** good listener ** and willing to talk with me on the phone about the job, I'm all ears. I'd be fine with mailing it off somewhere to the right person.
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Louis Rossmann has been publishing detailed videos about fixing Apple motherboards, with an eye to teaching other people how to do this kind of thing, for a very long time now.
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You might also try the folks over at the /r/AskElectronics subreddit.
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With the disclaimer that I know nothing about this at all, the iFixit community, or the iFixit site itself, might be helpful. Or maybe a local repair cafe.
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Not just Louis but lots of others are posting instructional videos on YouTube.
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