Where to buy a wheelchair in Tallinn, Estonia?
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I damaged my ankle and am under strict instructions to stay off it. But I am on vacation in Estonia and want to see things! I have crutches but would like to buy a collapsible wheelchair today (Saturday) somewhere in Tallinn. Any leads would be helpful.

I can rent or borrow but I’d rather not have to find a wheelchair to rent in every city on this trip. We will be traveling by train, bus, car, and plane, so collapsible is key. We’re currently just outside of the old town, but I am happy to taxi wherever the store is. I’d prefer to pay under 100 euro, but if push comes to shove (no pun intended), I can spend a bit more. I have a willing and capable person to push me around, so I don’t think I need anything that fancy. Thank you!
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Yikes! Sorry to hear you're hurting on vacation.

I would call the Tourist Information Bureau at +372 645 7777 and ask them where you'd be able to find this; I wonder if they'd be willing to make few quick calls for you. You can also visit them at Niguliste 2. They open today at 9 am. More on their office here.

Also, the inyourpocket guide recommends ringing the non-emergency/urgent care Tallinn First Aid Hotline on +372 697 1145 for medical advice. The Tonismae pharmacy is also open 24 hours; ring them on +372 644 2282.

As a price guideline, a bit of Googling reveals that companies in the US will sell you a basic collapsible transport chair - which doesn't look super-comfortable for long-term use - for around USD 150.
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What I would in this case is look up the Estonian name for wheelchair. Google Translate tells me is Ratastool.

Then a search for ‘Ratastool Tallinnus’ lands you several websites which seem to be of online wheelchair shops. Some have phone numbers. And one shop in particular sells what appears to a be second hand wheelchair (‘usage’) for 199€. Or this 99€ wheelchair from what looks like the local eBay.

You need to play it by ear even if you don’t speak the language. At least they use the Latin alphabet.
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I speak some Estonian and am doing a little searching for you, but I think your trouble might be finding one that cheap in a shop that you can rock up and buy (rather than messing with personal ads) - that €199 one Kwadeng links to is the cheapest new I've seen so far by a long way (it's not second hand - that word is 'lisage', not 'usage', and means 'add', as in add to cart. First rule of Estonian - if you think you recognise the word from English, you're wrong, it means something else).

There are some more results for used ones here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

A random click on those brings this one, which is almost new, and €130. Click Naita numbrit and it'll show you their phone number.

Useful search terms might be 'osta kasutatud ratastool Tallinnas' or 'osta odav ratastool Tallinnas' (buy a used/cheap wheelchair in Tallinn, respectively). I'll keep poking about a bit longer - feel free to memail me if I can help further, though I'm kind of rusty.
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Thanks, all! If anyone ever needs to solve this problem, the med devices store at Liivalaia 30b in Tallinn rents wheelchairs at 30 euro for a month, and gives proportional refunds if you return the wheelchair early. Much more affordable than I had expected.
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